Eight Years

Today marks eight years since God gave me new life in Jesus. Eight years since He plucked me out of a ruinous existence of addiction and immorality. Eight years since He revealed to me both the depths of my sin and the breadth of his love. Eight years since He drew near to a rebel... Continue Reading →

From One Perfectionist to Another

I am a recovering perfectionist. The “recovering” bit is a recent development. This unwanted personality defect has invaded different parts of my life to varying degrees for as long as I can remember. Sports, my work, my appearance, my faith—I’ve struggled in all of these areas and more. I quit every sport I played because... Continue Reading →

Graces in Unexpected Places

People sometimes applaud my bravery in being transparent about some sensitive dimensions of my life. But in all honesty, sharing about things like my experience of same-sex attraction hasn’t been too scary. I was riddled with nerves the first time I posted about it back in 2011, a mere six months after becoming a Christian.... Continue Reading →

Get Back Up

Nothing gut-punches the soul of a Christian like a willful sin. I know all sins are willful to some degree. But there are those that are willful, and those that are really, really willful. The shame that comes rolling into your conscience after you cuss at a person who cuts you off in traffic doesn’t... Continue Reading →

It’s His Pleasure

I know God is able to do great things for people. He can shatter the chains that bind us to sin. He can hold us steady through every wave of heartache or adversity that comes crashing over our lives. He can empower us to subdue every licentious, legalistic, apathetic, or anxious attitude in our flesh... Continue Reading →

Resolved to Believe

When I think about God, I tend to think of him first and foremost as Master and King. I think about his right to command my obedience, and I think about my obligation to obey his commands. I know, of course, that Jesus obeyed God perfectly on my behalf and has clothed me with his... Continue Reading →

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